General Class Information

 A Music Together® Class is:

• A community of families sharing songs, instrument play, rhythm chants and movement activities in a relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented setting.

• Music learned through developmentally appropriate activities that support and respect the unique learning styles of very young children.

• Infants, toddlers and preschoolers participating at their own levels in family-style classes of mixed ages.

• Parents and caregivers contributing to the enrichment of their child's music environment-regardless of their own musical abilities.

• A new song collection each semester, featuring great arrangements of original and traditional songs in a wide variety of tonalities, meters and cultural styles.

• 45 minutes of PURE FUN with your child every week!



A Music Together Online class is:

All of the above, but in your very own living room! 

Music Together Online was developped in response to the Covid-19 social distancing rules in an effort to maintain connections with each other and continue the familiar routine of music class while staying safe at home.  Until we can all be together again in one room, we will bring all the same playful and educational musical experiences to you and your child in the comfort and safety of your house.  In addition to your Bongos Music Collection music book, CD and digital download options, you will still have 45 minutes of lessons each week brought to you in three 15 minute videos, plus  fun bonus videos/activities that support your child's musical learning.   Videos are meant to facilitate your at-home family music time rather than children watching alone.  Adult modeling and participation are key to your child's interest as well as their learning.  Families with small babies don't need to let their child view the screen at all.  You can use the videos as your guide to creating fun and bonding musical experiences with your little one.  In addition to our video option, we do have a couple of Zoom classes offered.  One for mixed-ages and one for babies only. 


About our mixed-age format...

In the 1980's Music Together pioneered the development of the mixed-age approach in early childhood music. In each class

we strive to create a musically rich, developmentally appropriate environment where the whole family can enjoy music and

nurture skills at the level right for each child. Mixed-age classes also provide a rich learning environment because children of

different ages thrive when they interact with each other: the babies are often fascinated by the older child, and the "big"

children (3- and 4-year-olds) enjoy helping and sharing with the "little" ones. This approach is based on research from music

education, early childhood development, and family relationships, as well as our 20 years experience in the field.


Do infant's really benefit?

Yes!  Infants’ participation will seem passive at first, as they actively absorb what they are seeing, hearing and feeling. 

Caregivers will learn to recognize their infant’s musical responses and observe them reaching musical milestones. 

As their bodies and nervous systems mature, the infants often show progressively more complex musical responses

and evidence of song recognition.  Parents will learn how to nurture their child’s music development and how

to create or enhance the musical bond with their child.


NEW!!  Now that we are staying safe at home, Music Together Worldwide has adapted to bring you Music Together Online.  All the rich musical benefit of our beloved Music Together classes in the safety and comfort of your own living room.  At Beverly Hills Music Together, our Music Together Online classes come as three 15 minute lesson videos per week and can be watched (and re-watched) at your convenience. 


On the class schedule below, it says the online class is on Monday because the 1st  video posts on Mondays, but your personal music class schedule is up to you!  Only the Zoom classes are limited to the times/days listed below.

Class Schedule Start Date Duration Teacher

Virtual Classroom
At home
Beverly Hills, CA
location map
Monday TBA Sep 07, 2020 10 weeks Siree Franks
Monday 12:00 PM Sep 07, 2020 10 weeks Siree Franks
Friday 9:30 AM Sep 11, 2020 10 weeks Pamela Reitnauer